Small To Mid Size Business Services

Fernhill Tax & Advisory

Small To Mid Size Business Services

Set Up

Navigating incorporations, NUANS searches, and master business licenses is a breeze with Fernhill. Trust us for a streamlined start to your business journey.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Let Fernhill handle the catch-up and clean-up of your books and records. Our meticulous approach ensures financial clarity and compliance.

Budgeting & cash flow projection

Fernhill empowers you with effective budgeting and cash flow projection. Navigate your financial journey with confidence and foresight.


Simplify payroll with Fernhill’s expert services. Accurate, timely, and hassle-free payroll management for your peace of mind.

CFO Services

Elevate your business with Fernhill’s Outsourced CFO Services. Gain strategic financial insights and leadership without the full-time commitment. Drive success with expert guidance.

Business Advisory Services

Thrive with Fernhill’s business advisory services. Our strategic insights and tailored solutions empower your business for success.

Corporate Tax & HST Filings

Simplify your obligations with Fernhill. Trust our expertise for seamless corporate tax and HST filings. Compliance made easy.

Assistance with CRA Audits

Facing a CRA audit? Fernhill Tax & Advisory provides expert assistance. Navigate with confidence and ease with our dedicated support.


Fernhill offers strategic debt restructuring solutions. Regain control of your finances and pave the way for a debt-free future.


Navigate uncertainties confidently with Fernhill’s risk management expertise. Tailored solutions for a secure and resilient financial future.

Canadian Small Business Financing Loans

Fernhill excels in Canadian Small Business Financing Loans (CSBFL), guiding you from plans to successful funding applications for your business.

Black Entrepreneur

Fernhill supports Black entrepreneurs with business plans, financial projections, and streamlined applications. Your dreams, our commitment to success.


Ensure a smooth transition of your business with Fernhill’s expert succession planning. Your legacy preserved, your business in capable hands.

Employee Wage Government Grants

Fernhill helps you navigate government grants for employee wages. Maximize opportunities to support your workforce while easing financial burdens.

Insurance (Keyman & Group Benefits)

Safeguard your business with Fernhill’s Keyman and Group Benefits insurance solutions. Prioritizing your team’s protection is our commitment.

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