Assistance with CRA Audits

Fernhill provides expert assistance with CRA audits to help businesses navigate the complexities of tax audits with confidence and peace of mind. Our experienced tax professionals offer strategic guidance, meticulous preparation, and proactive representation to ensure a smooth and successful audit process.
Pre-Audit Preparation

We conduct a thorough review of your financial records, tax filings, and compliance documentation to identify potential areas of concern and ensure readiness for a CRA audit. Our experts help you gather and organize the necessary documents and information to support your tax position and minimize audit risks.

Audit Representation

We serve as your advocate and representative during CRA audits, communicating with CRA auditors on your behalf and managing all audit-related inquiries and requests. Our goal is to ensure that the audit proceeds smoothly and that your rights and interests are protected throughout the process.

Documentation and Evidence Management

We assist in preparing and organizing documentation and evidence to support your tax positions and responses to CRA audit queries. Our experts ensure that all required documents are accurate, complete, and presented in a clear and organized manner to facilitate the audit process and mitigate potential disputes.

Response to Audit Findings

In the event that the CRA identifies issues or discrepancies during the audit, we help you develop and implement strategies to address audit findings and resolve any outstanding issues. Our experts work diligently to negotiate favorable resolutions and minimize the impact on your business.

Post-Audit Support

We provide ongoing support and guidance following the completion of the audit, helping you implement any necessary corrective actions, adjustments, or compliance measures recommended by the CRA. Our goal is to ensure that you remain in good standing with tax authorities and maintain compliance with tax laws and regulations.

Navigate CRA audits with confidence and peace of mind with Fernhill’s expert assistance. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us help you achieve a successful outcome with your CRA audit.


Assistance with CRA Audits

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