Personal Services

Fernhill Tax & Advisory

Personal Services

Tax Planning & Preparation

Efficient tax planning and preparation for a seamless financial journey. Trust Fernhill for precision and peace of mind.

Ten Year Tax Review (recovery of missed refunds)

Recover missed refunds with our Ten-Year Tax Review. Your financial past, optimized for a better future.

Assistance with CRA Audits

Ease your audit worries with Fernhill. Expert assistance for stress-free resolution.

Volunteer Disclosure Program

Navigating the VDP? Fernhill Tax & Advisory provides expert guidance for a seamless and confidential resolution. Your compliance, our priority.

Insurance (Life, Critical Illness, Travel, Home)

Discover peace of mind with Fernhill’s insurance solutions. From life and critical illness to travel, home, and auto coverage – we’ve got you protected at every turn.


Let Fernhill guide you to financial freedom. Our debt management expertise helps you regain control. Say goodbye to stress, hello to a debt-free future.


Plan for a worry-free retirement with Fernhill’s expert guidance. Tailored solutions for a financially sound and fulfilling future.


Ensure a seamless transition of your assets and legacy with Fernhill’s estate planning expertise. Your wishes, meticulously safeguarded for generations to come.


Unlock your financial potential with Fernhill’s expert investment planning. Tailored strategies for a prosperous tomorrow.


Fernhill helps you secure your child’s future with smart education savings plans. Plan today, empower their tomorrow.

Education Grants for Mature Students

Explore education grants tailored for mature students with Fernhill. Invest in your future, regardless of your age.

Wills & Power
of Attorney

Secure your legacy and decision-making authority with Fernhill. Craft legally sound wills and establish power of attorney for peace of mind.

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