Volunteer Disclosure Program

The Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) Volunteer Disclosure Program (VDP) offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to come forward and correct errors or omissions in their tax affairs voluntarily. Fernhill Tax & Advisory provides expert guidance and support to help you navigate the VDP process smoothly and efficiently.

We begin by discussing your situation and determining if the VDP is the right option for you. Our experts assess your eligibility and provide tailored advice based on your specific circumstances.


If you decide to proceed with the VDP, we assist you in gathering the necessary documentation and information required to make a disclosure to the CRA. Our team ensures that your disclosure is complete and accurate, minimizing the risk of any adverse consequences.


We handle the submission of your disclosure to the CRA on your behalf, ensuring that all requirements are met and deadlines are adhered to. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth and successful disclosure process.

Negotiation and Resolution

In the event that the CRA identifies any issues or discrepancies during the review of your disclosure, we negotiate with the CRA on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome. Our priority is to minimize any potential penalties or consequences associated with your disclosure.

Take the first step toward resolving your tax issues and achieving peace of mind by contacting Fernhill Tax & Advisory today. Let us help you navigate the Volunteer Disclosure Program and ensure the best possible outcome for your tax affairs.


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