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Why upgrade to Fernhill’s
Audit Protection?

We understand that filing an accurate tax return is crucial. However, even with the utmost diligence, CRA reserves the right to reassess and audit your return. This is where our tax experts step in to provide support throughout the audit process. With Fernhill’s Audit Protection, we’ll act as your liaison with the CRA and offer personalized assistance tailored to your unique case. We’ll explain the reasons behind the audit and help you gather all the necessary documentation to support it.

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If you have a simple tax scenario, you can file your taxes for free. Unfortunately, you cannot use Fernhill Tax Free if you reside in Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, or Quebec. In addition, Fernhill Tax Free does support self-employed, rental income holders, and employment expense reporters.

We’re serious about your security. Fernhill Tax follows the highest privacy and security standards in the industry. Your tax data is encrypted on our servers using your password as the key. Information is only shared with the CRA and only if you choose to NETFILE through Fernhill Tax.

Fernhill Tax provides step-by-step guidance, and unlimited chat support, and is compatible with Android mobile & iOS mobile/iPad. Anyone can file their taxes for free – no excuses!

You can choose to upgrade your services for just $29.99 per year and this will provide you with unlimited phone support throughout the year, along with audit protection. If you’re audited anytime throughout the year, we’re here to help and you can cancel your services at any time – no strings attached!

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